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Schedule a ½ hour phone call where you can ask all of your college questions. Topics can include FAFSA, student loans, financial aid, appeal letters, scholarships or refinancing.


Financial Review

A worksheet and review meeting to discuss all of your college finance questions with viable solutions for your most anxiety ridden questions. You will need to provide the financial aid package, tuition bill or loan statements for specific answers.


Financial Review Plus

A thorough review of your financial situation and assistance with: FAFSA, CSS Profile, Loans, 11-point Tuition Bill Review, Financial Aid Packages and if appropriate, an appeal letter. This service is best started in junior year  (sophomore year if concerned about finances affecting the FAFSA).


Services Available To Save You Dollars

College Cost Spreadsheet

For 4-year degrees, especially beneficial for divorced family situations and families that want to know the cost prior to applying or attending.
Extremely beneficial for 5/6-year grad programs including PA/PT/Pharmacy/Engineering, that change from undergrad finances to graduate finances as they are complex and can have unexpected costs.

11-point Tuition Bill Review

Everything you need to know and understand about what is on the tuition bill, including optional costs, FERPA, waivers, where to save money, payment plans, proper use of 529 monies, verification and more.

Appeal Letters

A review of the student’s financial aid package to determine if there are any miscalculations within the financial aid formula or reasons to request additional merit aid.

College Debt Repayment Plan

A thorough review of all college debt including spreadsheet, for recommendations on the best choices for payback including federal loan Income Driven Repayment options, refinancing, consolidation or alternative options.

Not sure? Email your question to or schedule a free introductory call to find out what service will be best to help with your college financial needs.

Suggested topics for discussion

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Financial Appeal

Ways to Pay for College

Federal vs. Private college loans

Refinancing vs. Consolidation

Co-signing vs. Owning


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