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Planning, searching, paying or managing the debt, 

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Parents and students who want to understand the options for paying for college.


Help for new graduates with refinancing or student loan options.



Assisting you with the finances of the college search.



Complementing your work with the knowledge of college finances.


Is the initial meeting free?

Yes, our introductory meeting is free and without obligation.

What is your best free advice?

Don’t enter into an Income Based Repayment Plan until you have done your research to understand how they will affect your financial situation now and in the future.

Best way to save money on college?

Have someone explain financial aid and how to pay for college very early on.

How much will college cost for my son/daughter?

That is dependent upon many factors, but we can explain those to you and give

you a very good estimate how much and how you will pay for college.

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Thank you so much for our Tuition Bill review. It was amazing how much we still didn’t know and were about to pay thousands of dollars. Your explanation was so helpful and made me feel much better about our chosen payment path and sending MacKenzie off to college. The best money we spent on college!

David O. Penfield, NY

That FAFSA had us stumped but you got us through it! I appreciate the multiple calls and patience working it all out. I know our divorced situation wasn’t easy. Highly recommend your services for any college finance question. We’ll get back to you for our next one!

Megan S. Roanoke, VA