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The College Dollar was started to ensure parents have the information they need to help their children make a good financial decision about their college choice. With 10+ years advising families about college finances, loan choices, how to pay, refinancing options and debt payback,

The College Dollar can educate your family on the complexities of paying for college without overwhelming debt or what to do when its time to payback the college loans.



Thank you so much for our Tuition Bill review. It was amazing how much we still didn’t know and were about to pay thousands of dollars. Your explanation was so helpful and made me feel much better about our chosen payment path and sending MacKenzie off to college. The best money we spent on college!

David O. Penfield, NY


That FAFSA had us stumped but you got us through it! I appreciate the multiple calls and patience working it all out. I know our divorced situation wasn’t easy. Highly recommend your services for any college finance question. We’ll get back to you for our next one!

Megan S. Roanoke, VA